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Wireless Broadband

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  • Broadband & Dial-up Internet connectivity.
  • Reliable, low-cost computer solutions.
  • Practical networking solutions.
  • Full service installation.
  • Web development. is a broadband wireless carrier offering hi-speed connections to the Internet.

Utilizing proven technology, provides low cost broadband service, fast installations and superior customer support.

We offer broadband service through network providers composed of ISP’s, Systems Integrators and NSP’s. Our wireless network extends their coverage and capability beyond traditional wire-line systems.

Our vision is to build, operate and manage cost effective, value added broadband fixed wireless networks, which deliver carrier-grade access and transport anywhere in the world. has coupled its experienced wireless network operations team with the technical expertise of world-renowned engineering firms to craft the most compelling Internet access offering to date.

Every component of’s network combines to further the goal of providing cost-effective, robust and reliable broadband carrier services.

  • 2.4-GHz spectrum. This license-free spectrum offers an optimal balance between coverage, speed and cost for small to medium businesses. We couple it with an enhanced variant of the 802.11b broadband spec to provide carrier class reliability, low latency and cost-effective hardware. 
  • Ideal integration. We avoid the high margins associated with much third party equipment by integrating the elements in-house. Also, by focusing on delivering bandwidth—and not integrating in costly equipment to support niche applications (VoIP, VOP)—we maintain a much lower cost structure across our network. (Future network capabilities will be integrated as market demands dictate.) 
  • Frequency agility. Our design philosophy offers the frequency agility to utilize nearby 2.5 to 5.8-GHz bands to ensure we can deliver even greater bandwidth and satisfies subscriber broadband requirements far into the future.
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  • Carrier-class architecture. The network has been designed in collaboration and consultation with Wireless Facilities Inc. (WFI) and Diverse Networks DNI (DNI) to meet or exceed commercially reliable standards of performance.

  • Spectrum flexibility. currently operates in the 2.4-GHz spectrum, but its architecture maintains the frequency agility to easily migrate to other nearby RF spectrums. The use of multiple frequency bands and equipment will enable to scale its infrastructure in direct relation to subscriber growth without being limited by spectrum constraints—and signal crowding concerns—of a single unlicensed band.

  • Secure RF environment. By utilizing direct sequence spread spectrum, adaptive polling algorithms and Radius authorization,’s over-the-air signal is secure against eavesdropping by unauthorized parties.

  • Enhanced security. We can provide three types of encryption for those subscribers who deal with sensitive information. We also support standard VPN and firewall solutions.

  • 100% routed network. has a 100% routed Ethernet network with none of the bridging common with cable and other wireless Internet access networks. In a bridged network, anyone can look like you and see your data. In our network, only legitimate subscribers recognized by our RadiusŪ server can gain access.

  • Less than 100-millisecond latency. Our 100% routed architecture reduces the latency of network traffic. Moreover, subscribers are only 2 physical hops from the Internet backbone, further reducing data delay. This provides noticeable performance increases in ASP-hosted and two-way messaging applications and will optimize the user experience with future VoIP.

  • 10:1 cost advantages.’s low-cost infrastructure gives us a competitive advantage. For starters, we leverage common 802.11 equipment and optimized it purely for bandwidth. Using our extensive wireless and networking integration experience, we take advantage of the best-of-breed, off-the-shelf hardware and integrate it ourselves, which can yield as much as a 10:1 cost advantage.

  • Lower network loading. Our low cost infrastructure and network design implementation enables us to maintain lower subscriber density rates than many shared broadband service providers. That means more capacity per user. So as the number of subscribers increase, current customers won’t see any degradation in performance.